From The Archives: HTSI Kit Recommended by Humberside Police

Back in 2009, Hidden Technology received a recommendation from Humberside Police (@Humberbeat) along with a rather interesting story!

In an email to Anders Riskaer, the company’s Managing Director; Gary Woolston, the Technical Support & Imaging Manager at Humberside Police Technical Support Unit, wrote that two of HTSI’s Modular units had been covertly deployed within a vehicle. The vehicle had subsequently been the target of a crime and had been set alight by the criminals. He enclosed an image showing the extent of the damage suffered by the components of the vehicle, and reported that despite the totality of the damage; the Hiddentec tracking devices within were still fully operational!

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Working closely with police, military and governmental organizations; Hidden Technology know all too well the rigours our equipment must undergo. It’s for this reason that we continue to produce devices of the highest quality, using the best possible components.

Hiddentec still enjoys a good working relationship with Humberside Police, and hope to continue doing business for many years to come.

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