Vehicle Tracking

Hiddentec’s vehicle tracking devices are designed for either fixed-wired deployment, or for rapid deployment onto a target vehicle using powerful magnets.

Owing to the high quality of Hiddentec’s hardware, and the security of data transmission; our vehicle trackers are in use at the highest levels of police, military, government and corporate entities around the world.

A fixed-wired tracker is ideal for use within the vehicle of an executive or VIP, while a rapid deployment tracker is well suited to covert operations, and situations where speed of deployment and system autonomy are key factors.

Hiddentec vehicle trackers are in use globally within law enforcement, military and government institutions.

Traffic on famous highway interchange in Shanghai, China at night

Video produced by WSB-TV Atlanta

Hiddentec's vehicle tracking in use

This video shows an incident in which Hiddentec tracking equipment was used. Devices were installed in both the truck and trailer – assisting in the tracking and recovery of pharmaceuticals worth over two million dollars.

Hiddentec Vehicle Trackers


The Ranger is the first in a new series of global LTE/4G trackers from Hiddentec. Its small size, optional magnetic plate and brand new configuration options allow it to be used in a wide variety of different ways.

Mag 7

Hiddentec’s latest rapidly deployable vehicle tracker. Water resistant, and capable of transmitting using 2G, 3G and LTE (4G); the Mag 7 boasts Hiddentec’s latest tracking technology coupled with our latest innovations in power management for increased operational longevity. The Mag 7 can also be hardwired to the host vehicles for even longer term installations.


The V-Tracker is Hiddentec’s latest vehicle tracking device; complete with internal backup battery, and capable of transmitting via 3G. The V-Tracker is capable of receiving a wide array of input devices, and is also capable of facilitating two-way audio communication. A new feature of the V-Tracker, an improvement on its predecessor, the T1, is its optional two-wire install with smart ignition sensor.

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