In Development: HT Ranger 01

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Hiddentec will soon (estimated Summer 2019) be releasing the first tracker in a brand new series: the HT Ranger.

The first iteration of the Ranger has been designed around a new, more powerful modem covering 30 bands (4G, 3G and 2G) worldwide – a truly global tracker. Not only will the speed of the modem improve our already rapid rates of “live tracking”, but the amount of GSM and sensor data capable of being transmitted will also be significantly increase.

The enclosure of the tracker has been developed with feedback from users in law enforcement agencies to meet the operational requirements in the field. The overall footprint of the tracker – its slim, unobtrusive profile – has been designed for ease and versatility of deployment, as well as to maintain an inconspicuous appearance once mounted.

Rather than be a fixed-purpose tracker, the Ranger includes a set of mounting fixtures which can be used to fit optional accessories to assist with various deployment scenarios. For example, a custom magnetic plate supplied by Hiddentec can be affixed to the Ranger in order to use it as a rapidly deployable magnetic tracker.

Following initial release, additional accessories will become available such as a pole-mounting fixture, and a plate designed to assist with adhesive-based deployment and/or zip-tie deployment.

The Ranger Series will subsequently include specialized Asset, Vehicle and Personnel trackers, including variants with increased battery capacity and options for multiple input/outputs. 

If your operation has a specific performance requirement for a high-end LTE tracking device, Hiddentec would be pleased to discuss the addition of relevant features into our development process. Please get in touch via our Contact page.

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