Hiddentec Wins Best of the Best Business Award

BOTB Winner 2013 logoThis month Hidden Technology was the proud recipient of the Best of the Best Business Award for Outstanding Business Achievement.

Companies nominated for the Awards are grouped with similar sized companies in their counties (UK) for their respective categories prior to final judging. To be recognized in this way is a source of tremendous pride to all at Hiddentec.

Commenting on the award to Hidden Technology Systems International Ltd (Hiddentec), the winner in the Best Business Essex 2013 category, the Chairman of the judges said: “For a small company with a staff of only nine people in the UK, Hiddentec’s achievements in the global marketplace are quite incredible. Used in 40 countries by police forces, military intelligence agents and governments, its world-class GPS tracking system protects people, goods, cash and other valuables, thereby playing a major part in the fight against crime and terrorism. While Hiddentec operates at a covert level, its business success is something that must be openly celebrated.”

Hiddentec would like to express our great thanks for this award.

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