Hiddentec UK Moves to New Office

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As lockdowns begin to ease in many countries, and business begins to return to normal; Hiddentec’s UK team will be doing so from our new, larger premises.

Located in Rochford, Essex, Hiddentec’s UK headquarters now has a dedicated training and conferencing space, and an indoor fitting bay for installing vehicle trackers on-site. 

Despite the delays in global shipping we’ve all faced, the first of Hiddentec’s Ranger Series of trackers have made their way to satisfied customers. Our latest versatile tracker, with lightning fast global LTE modem and improved adaptive behaviour, is ideally suited to a range of asset tracking applications due to its sleek design. With the addition of a magnetic plate, the tracker can also be used as a rapidly deployable, covert vehicle tracker with a desirably small footprint.

In addition to the development of new hardware items incorporating Ranger Series technology, Hiddentec have also been improving and adding to our HT Software Suite. Two new viewing platforms will now be available to customers in order to live track their devices, investigate reporting history, and perform select command and control functions.

HT Web is an in-browser viewing client that offers a vast improvement on the simplified HT Mobile viewer. Designed primarily for use with touch-screen tablet devices, HT Web’s dynamic resolution and user interface also lends itself very well to desktop/laptop users, including iOS devices.

The HT App has been developed with dedicated Android and iOS/iPad versions and will shortly be available to download on the respective app stores. From HT App, users will be able to easily track and monitor multiple devices, customize viewing preferences, investigate historical data, and use intuitive command functions to control tracker behaviour.

As always, Hiddentec’s team of engineers are actively thinking of new, useful features to add to all our software platforms. Later versions of HT Web and HT App will incorporate new tools to assist in your operations, so watch this space!

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