In Development: HT Ranger 02

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The development of the first Hiddentec tracker in a brand new series, the HT Ranger, is progressing at pace! This new series will be designed around brand new hardware, including a super-fast global LTE/4G modem.

Extensive testing of HT Ranger prototypes is currently underway, putting the tracker through several simulations in order to assess performance. Already the speed of transmission using the powerful modem is a noticeable improvement. A dynamic message buffering system is being developed in order to customize exactly how the tracker will store and report acquired data to the server – the internal log of the tracker will now also be able to upload on an interval governed by the tracker itself, rather than relying on user input.

The slimline enclosure of the tracker makes it easy to fit into packages and/or pockets, and with the addition of the magnetic plate accessory, lends itself to covert rapid-deployment vehicle tracking perfectly.

Configuration of the HT Ranger will be carried out from Hiddentec’s Management Console software, meaning that a user does not require the full tracking and monitoring software platform (HT Pro) in order to configure the tracker. This can be done either locally with a USB cable, or remotely via TCP/SMS.

A copy of the latest configuration settings for the Ranger are stored server-side, allowing users to view how their tracker is configured without connecting to via cable or internet. Details of this feature have been warmly received by operators responsible for maintaining records on departments’ entire complements of trackers.

The Ranger Series will subsequently include specialized Asset, Vehicle and Personnel trackers, including variants with increased battery capacity and options for multiple input/outputs.

If your operation has a specific performance requirement for a high-end LTE tracking device, Hiddentec would be pleased to discuss the addition of relevant features into our development process. Please get in touch via our Contact page.

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