In Development: Executive Protection Tracker & Extended Mapping Support

Image of planet Earth and the new Hiddentec logo

Hiddentec are continuing to develop new GPS trackers with global LTE, and adding further functionality to our HT Software Suite.

EP Tracker in Development

Having updated our range of vehicle and asset trackers to be built around our latest Core 5 technology, complete with global LTE modem; Hiddentec’s dedicated Research & Development Team are now working on a brand new personal device which will be specially designed for use in Executive Protection operations. Like its predecessor, the MP+, the EP Tracker will likewise fit into any operation where a sleek, portable tracker is required.

Hiddentec have taken feedback from users and broadened the scope of usage for personal devices during the design process, meaning that the EP Tracker will have:

  • A small form factor (smaller than the MP+ device)
  • Configurable, adaptive behaviour
  • Customizable privacy settings

In addition, the EP Tracker will be the first Hiddentec device to incorporate Bluetooth technology; not only for the purpose of interacting with peripheral devices, but to enable indoor tracking via the use of static sensors or checkpoints. The tracker’s behaviour can be determined by the presence of- or proximity to a Bluetooth device, and an alert will be possible upon gaining or losing such a connection.

Hiddentec are also developing our own Bluetooth peripheral device which will lend a wide range of functions to a system that includes EP Trackers. More details on this will be released in due course.

Attendees of the Security & Policing 2022 exhibition, held in Farnborough, UK between 14th-17 March 2022 were able to see a prototype model of the EP Tracker in person.

Extended Mapping Support

Hiddentec’s HT Software Suite has been updated to include the ability to use further customizable mapping sources, initially build around the MapTiler engine.

Using MapTiler, Hiddentec users will be able to incorporate entirely custom mapping into their system; selecting their own colour schemes, icons, map elements, and even the ability to overlay geo-referenced imagery (in either vector or raster format) to be streamed to any of their users automatically within their HT Software.

As with every other element of a Hiddentec system, access to this feature (and the individual map datasets) can be restricted to particular users.

Users who are hosted with Hiddentec or who have an active update license are able to upgrade to these features today!

This image shows a custom geo-referenced satellite image combined with traditional mapping. The roads and labels have been customized to render at different layers.

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