HTSI Support Service

Hidden Technology’s support service is an invaluable tool for anyone who uses our products. It provides you with HTSI expertise at the press of a button; like having your own tracking and surveillance specialist on standby.

Hidden Technology offers extensive support to all customers. A team of specialists are on-hand to deal with any inquiry or problem you may be facing.

  • The latest software upgrades (including server and database viewer)
  • Reduced price for upgrade of mapping
  • Support to move software licenses to a new computer as a result of computer malfunction or hardware failure.
  • “Queue-jumping” Support – receive preferential treatment in the support queue
  • Access to VIP Support Platform – Gain your own HTSI support email address



In order to download policies or documentation about Hidden Technology and our services, please click on the relevant button below:


Full Terms and Conditions

Acceptable Use Policy


Technical Support

Should a customer have any queries or questions of a technical nature, Hidden Technology provides in-depth technical support. Simply contact us through either of the methods listed below and your enquiry will be dealt with expediently by a team of highly experienced professionals.

Telephone Support
For telephone support in the the office hours of 9.00am and 5.30pm please call:
Europe (GMT) – (+44) (0)1268 923 222
USA (EST) – (+1) 386-760-1480
Email Support
HTSI’s support team is available 24 hours for UK, Europe and America, please allow some time for a reply. Click on the Contact menu above to send a message.