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Secure Tracking and Location Solutions

The versatility our products covers tracking and locating solutions for covert surveillance, intelligence gathering operations, VIP/Officer protection, special operations teams, high value goods, assets and vehicles. Of the many different areas in which HTSI’s equipment can be beneficial, the following is a brief list of examples:

Protective Operations

A range of equipment designed for personal safety and security tracking applications providing location monitoring and alarm handling functionality.
Lone Workers, Vulnerable Witnesses, VIPs and Security Staff are often placed in vulnerable situations or require assistance of the Police, Special Forces or their own employers. The equipment supplied offers a wide range of functionality to monitor persons in a discrete way and verify alarms with maximum privacy of the user.

Asset Protection

Purpose built and entirely customizable tracking devices for monitoring the location of valuable assets or commodities. HTSI’s state-of-the-art power management technology allows you, the customer, to dictate the performance of your tracking device, and the duration of its operation. Whether it be monitoring the transportation of high value goods from one end of a city to another, or an intercontinental shipping container; HTSI can provide to up-to-the-minute accurate locational information in rapid time.

Bait items

HTSI’s range of ‘Bait Items’, desirable items equipped with versatile tracking devices for use in prevention of acquisitive crime, are available upon request and are entirely custom-made. Hidden Technology tracking devices have a¬†minuscule footprint, and can be fitted into some of the sleekest modern equipment available on the market. For more details, or to find out whether a particular item can be tracked, please contact HTSI.

High Value / High Security Vehicles

Hidden Technology produce a range of both rapidly deployable and permanently fixed tracking devices for deep deployment within vehicles. These devices can record and transmit a variety of statistical and informational data items concerning the tracked vehicle to any number of recipients via SMS or email. Tracking can be provided via web interface, HTSI’s own tracking software (for maximum functionality) or even from a web-enabled smartphone.

Intelligence Gathering and Remote Surveillance.

Alongside our sought-after tracking equipment, HTSI also provides cutting edge surveillance equipment for both short- and long-term deployments. For further information on these products, please click here.
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