HTSI Successfully Tests Equipment Using UAV

In a continuing effort to explore the best uses of our equipment, and to ensure that it meets customers’ needs; HTSI have used an Oktokopter XL UAV in conjunction with our Radio Frequency equipment to test its effects.

During the test, GPS positions were able to be transmitted using the UAV-mounted B2 unit over a distance of 40km, achieved by elevating the UAV to a height of 82m. Temperatures on the day of testing reached -5C, allowing HTSI to once again test the temperature-accommodating technologies within our equipment (which was tested at the South Pole, where temperatures reached as low as -40C).

Positions were relayed using the UAV-mounted B2 unit to a receiver unit within our office. There, they were positioned in real time on HTSI’s CP2 software platform using mapping data.

Further tests are being organized, but the promise of a completely mobile, private RF tracking network to offer customers is eagerly anticipated.

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