Tracking Products for Sports Professionals, VIPs and International Travellers

Due to the sensitive nature of Hiddentec’s work with Police, Military and Government clients worldwide; the vast majority of our products and services are only viewable by authorized personnel. This page has been declassified to allow private customers the opportunity to purchase Hiddentec’s new, multi-purpose tracking device.

The S-Tracker

Track from your mobile phone

Tracking device location shown on a smartphone

Tracking device location shown on a smartphone


Using a simple interface, you can view the location of your tracking device at street level using detailed mapping. A simple press of a button will give you an updated location.

The easy to understand interface will show you not only the location of the tracking device, but some other useful data that may come in useful when tracking or guiding others to your equipment. If, for example, the equipment was stolen: you could provide police officers with the speed, heading and last known locations of the device.

No software needs to be installed on your phone! The whole interface is accessed via a secure login within your phone’s web browser.

The S-Tracker has been developed with the express purpose of providing Hiddentec’s renowned tracking technology to customers in Corporate arenas, while ensuring that the device is offered at a cost-effective price to accommodate budgetary needs.

Some of the more advanced functionality of Hiddentec’s tracking devices that is tailored to suit complicated Military operations has been removed from the S-Tracker, with a saving that is passed on to the customer.

S-Track with size

Buy direct from Hiddentec for only £695

(Excl. VAT @ 20%)

The S-Tracker’s price includes 24 months of mobile telephony (allowing the device to send messages), hosting on a secured Hiddentec server, and guaranteed operation in 32 countries. If you’d like to use the device in countries not on the list, please make sure Hiddentec is aware so your device can be customized.

Purchasing an S-Tracker gives you award-winning tracking technology for less than the cost of a mobile phone contract!

Fast, Simple, Accurate.

Using your S-Tracker has been made as easy as asking:

Where are you?

The 3G-enabled S-Tracker has access to a much wider array of cell towers than most commercially available tracking devices, allowing it to quickly and accurately report its location anywhere in the world it can get coverage. The latest reported position will always be available to you by securely logging in on your smartphone.

Where have you been?

Receive a daily/weekly/monthly report of where your S-Tracker has been via email, including Google Earth playback files and links to Google Maps to plot where the device has been! This data can then be shared with third parties such as law enforcement should your valuable items be stolen.


Flight Mode

The S-Tracker can be commanded to enter a dormant state for the duration of your flight in order to conserve power. Once the time has elapsed, the device will reactivate and continue to track its location.

Remote Panic Alarm

By programming a paired number, the S-Tracker can be used to create a Panic alarm in the event of emergency by speed-dialling its number. This can be configured to alert any number of SMS or email recipients.


With no external antennas or batteries and a sleek, robust enclosure; the S-Tracker can be carried in bags or pockets, worn in a holster, or deployed in many other ways to suit the requirements of the user.