GPS and RF Tracking

Highly advanced Tracking and Surveillance equipment to suit any requirement. Tailored to your needs and manufactured in-house.
Also included in this section is HTSI’s range of ‘Bait Items’; desirable items equipped with versatile tracking devices for use in prevention of acquisitive crime.


HTSI’s own state-of-the-art tracking software gives users ultimate control over tracked objects as well as the ability to manage GeoFences, set automated reporting, and much more.

Audio & Visual

Hidden Technology offers a wide range of audio and visual surveillance equipment designed for both short- and long-term deployment. Our long-term deployment equipment is extremely ruggedized and is ideal for deployment in any environment.

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Secure Tracking Solutions

Hidden Technology’s advanced tracking technology allows for the accurate, secure and covert tracking of assets, commodities, personnel and vehicles.
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Audio / Visual Solutions

From fixed vehicle/building mounted Pan-Tilt-Zoom installations, to covert fibre-optic cameras; HTSI’s audio-visual equipment is highly versatile, and customizable to a wide variety of operations.
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